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Occupational Hazard!

Last week saw the annual Health and Wellbeing at work conference held at the NEC. The conference is aimed at people working within the vocational sphere of returning vulnerable people to work, fitness to work and absence management. Now OT’s … Continue reading

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Southern Cross concerns

A very worrying time for all the staff, residents and families for all of those people involved with Southern Cross. For staff the uncertainty of job security, especially in the current financial climate, must be paramount. But take a moment … Continue reading

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Making the break!

The most common question i have been asked since becoming a private OT is weather i regret making the break into private practice. No, absolutely i do not! Its a rollercoster of emotions but being in control of your own … Continue reading

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NHS Changes…to much to soon?

The proposed NHS changes are once again in the news today with all sides claiming and counter-claiming about different issues. The proposed changes are radical and far reaching, but don’t they need to be? The NHS as it stands cannot … Continue reading

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