We are what we do!

Well the past two weeks have been a little odd – – with all the bank holidays i am struggling to remember what day it is!

People are always very excited about bank holiday weekends as they mean a few extra days off from work, but do they ever think how lucky they are to have work in the first place?

I don’t just mean those who have sadly lost there jobs due to the financial predicament we are in at present but the wider restriction to work that some people face. Companies are often reluctant to change the way they work of the structure around them to accommodate differing needs and this is a difficult barrier to overcome.

Everyone has a role in life and the essence of Occupational Therapy is about those roles and how they go together to mix us within the wider community. Just think next time you’re meeting someone new….the first question is usually “what is your name?”…and the second question……often its “what do you do?”

We hold many preconceived ideas about people from the answer to that question and need as a community to re-evaluate wether these are correct or not. It is a sad reflection that being a carer is not held up as a valuable career option when actually many people rely on carers for essential tasks. Caring is a difficult, demanding and emotional job and so should be held with a greater respect.

So take a moment whilst enjoying your extra day off to think of those who would love a job or would love to be recognised for the great job they do.

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