How Can EJB Therapy Help Me?

Do you or someone you care for struggle to manage daily tasks. An OT assessment will help you identify solutions to these problems and support independent living.Solutions may include:

  • Advice on home adaptations such as wet rooms, ramps and stairlifts.
  • Advice and sourcing on specialist products such as bathing, mobility and kitchen aids.
  • Support in applying for charitable funding for specialist items.

What happens during an assessment?

Firstly an assessment can be set up at a date and time to suit everyone who needs to be present. The assessment usually takes place within your home or workplace, depending on the nature of the difficulties and as I have no waiting list can be arranged quickly.

During the assessment I will ask questions about medical background and explore how tasks are managed and which ones are more difficult. Part of the assessment may include asking to see how things are done currently such as getting up the stairs or in and out of the bath.All areas of daily living, such as self care, mobility and domestic tasks make up the assessment to give a good overview of how you are managing.What happens then?

Following the assessment I will compile a short report detailing how things are being managed now and my recommendations for how to improve the situation. The next steps are up to you, whether you want me to assist you further by sourcing equipment, completing applications  or if you feel able to manage the recommendations yourself.


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