Making the break!

The most common question i have been asked since becoming a private OT is weather i regret making the break into private practice.

No, absolutely i do not! Its a rollercoster of emotions but being in control of your own career and having such a huge spectrum of opportunities open to you is not one to be missed!

But making that break is a daunting one. the decision to become a private OT needs careful consideration and needs to take account of a wide range of factors.

The COTSSIP ‘look before you leap’ study day really helped me to clarify what i wanted to acheieve and if it was realisitic! The sessions look at all those questions everyone immediatley thinks of when considering independent practice and is run by OT’s who have suceeded in the sector and can give great advice.

The next course is soon so if your considering private peactice i would look before you leap!!!  check out more details at

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  1. Sue Christy says:

    Hi Ellie – this is a great article for anyone considering taking the leap into private practice – and I agree that it can be quite a leap of faith but the sense of achievement and satisfaction is like no other I have ever had from working directly for an employer!

    My offering as a private practice counsellor in Gloucester can work alongside other OH professionals it would be great if we could all support each other when looking for local referral sources! I have also just followed you on Twitter and see you are connected to some of my connections on LinkedIn. Hopefully we can ‘meet’ through one (or more!) of these mediums in the not too distant future!!

    Keep up the great work!
    Sue Christy
    Sue Christy Counselling
    Twitter: CounsellorGLOS
    Facebook: SueChristyCounselling

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