Ask me!

As part of my OT Ambassador role Kirton have a new development on their website……Ask Ellie!

Its an opportunity for clients and clinicians to ask questions regarding products, details, advice or support in relation to seating.

Have you got a seating question that you’ve always wanted the answer to?….then Ask me ….


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Free seating training

Well they say you never get something for nothing but that’s no longer true!!

As the Kirton Invacare Seating Ambassador I am really excited about the seating roadshows that are being planned…….and they’re free!!

These roadshows are a great way for clinicians to refresh, update and improve their knowledge and skills around  posture, seating and pressure issues as well as a chance to look at a wide range of products.

There’s also a chance to get some advice and support on those complex cases that we all experience!

So far we have 2 dates booked:

Wednesday 11th June in Manchester

Thursday 19th June in Bracknell

To book your place simply email

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Fab Feb!!

What a start to the month!

A lovely write up in Premiere Healthcare’s newsletter and appointed to the new Kirton & Invacare Seating Ambassador!

Please check out Premiere’s newsletter to find out my guilty pleasure at

And watch out for updates about training and awareness days on seating from Kirton & Invacare.




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Thoughts on The OT Show

Two days of networking, putting faces to names, trying new products and listening to inspirational speakers…….exhausting!!!

For a first time event the inaugural OT show can only be described as a huge success. Positive comments heard throughout the days and on the social media buzz afterwards.

Its good to see our profession standing up and defining itself, rather than allowing ourselves to be ‘lumped in’ with other professions. Are we as a profession unsure about using our voice to show how unique we are?

There is always the argument for collaborative working but we also need to ensure that our special skills aren’t diluted and lost…..that’s not being professionally precious, its about recognizing our unique training and abilities.

So here’s the The OT Show for showing us we are a force to be reckoned with!!!

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OT Show – faces to names ?!

So who will be there – are you planning your day or ‘going with the flow’?

There are so many OT’s that i know via social media but haven’t meet in person – is the OT show the perfect time to put a face to a name?

I’d love to know which of the talks has caught your imagination and if employers are funding OT’s to visit this show….Let me know!

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A many a varied role!

I was trying to explain to my 5year daughter the other day what I do when I go to work.

As OT’s we have always struggled with a concise, all encompassing ditty that covers the huge variance of roles we provide to our clients…….. How do you explain everything in one sentence?

So how do we succinctly explain what we do?? Thoughts please…..

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Occupational Hazard!

Last week saw the annual Health and Wellbeing at work conference held at the NEC. The conference is aimed at people working within the vocational sphere of returning vulnerable people to work, fitness to work and absence management.

Now OT’s are key in this area of work but we were very sparse at the event…both as exhibitors and delegates!!

I was supporting Access Independent on their stand, aiming to increase the profile of OT within this area and guess what…we  were the only exhibitor that had an OT focus!!

OT’s that were at the conference were pleased to see an OT presence but we were all surprised to see the profession was not pushing forward our skills in this area.

The stands that were there were promoting their business as……activity breakdown, grading activity, supporting work practices……..err don’t we do all that??

The term Occupational Therapist seemed to get very muddled with Occupational Health advisor and many visitors to our stand did not often see the value of OT at all! I’m sure there are OT’s who are truly valued within their workplaces but it seems we are being lost as a profession as we aren’t pushing our skills as a group.

This is a huge area of growing opportunity and we need to ensure that as a profession we promote our skills in this area to become a valued resource that is seen as key.  So let’s stop being shy and get out there, show what we can do and prove that they need us!!

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Are we promoting OT?

OT’s are great (I would say that!!) but think of how many different ways we can support our clients. We have so many skills and are always happy to use these in different ways and settings.

We throw around the term ‘transferable skills’ but do we really appreciate the power that this versatility can offer…… are we good at promoting ourselves??

Marketing and PR often makes OT’s feel like running for the hills but maybe we need to feel more confident in selling our skills to our clients.

We more than any other profession have such varied roles that we need to be clearer and less ‘woolly’ about what we can provide.

So be sure of what we offer over and abov

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Time for thinking….

With increasingly busy lives its hard to take the time to reflect on where you are heading.

Since starting my business I have become busier and busier with contracts and new work….now obviously I’m not complaining but its at times a struggle to remember to build in time for thinking about where I’m heading and how to get there!

So in the next few months I am going to try to fix some time for thinking! Lets see how it goes!!!


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Olympic fever

So its finally here! 7 years in the planning and the Olympics has started…what a spectacle London and the whole of the UK can show to the rest of the world.

Also the Paralympics starts soon – a great chance to show the world how accessible we can make our wonderful country!

Good luck to Team GB!!

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