Jubilee fever

Well we certainly can put on a show!!!

Youve got to love the truly British spirit of celebrating in the rain!! Nothing can dampen our fantastic ways of coming together for a great spectacle.

The jubilee is such a fantastic celebration that brings together communities, neighbours, young and old!

So eat, drink and be merry!!

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Bad Mummy!!

I admit it… My kids ate far to much chocolate on Easter Sunday …. There I said it!! But why not really??? It’s only the day of the year they are allowed a chocolate bunny for breakfast and bag of buttons for a snack, the rest of the time they get a good diet!

Sometimes breaking the rules is just as important as having them! Their faces covered in melted chocolate was so funny and a little memory safely stored for my old age!!

So today my aim is to get the kids back onto some proper food and stop being a bad mummy!!!

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Blue Badge mobility assessments

As many of you will know the Department for Transport recently reformed the Blue Badge scheme, including how eligibility is assessed for.

The major change is the introduction of the Independent Mobility Assessor (IMA) role which supports Local Authorities is making a clinically based decision regarding an applicants eligibility.

The IMA should be an integral part of the team within the Local Authorities delivery of this service and there should be clear processes in place to indicate when an application should be reviewed by the IMA and a applicant invited to attend a mobility clinic.

I have recently been involved in setting up this process within a local authority including development of processes, policy and paperwork to fully integrate the IMA role within the delivery of the Blue Badge guidelines, also incorporating the new BBIS system.

My experience will enable me to support other Authorities and organisations who need expertise in this area and can provide tailor-made training and service development in this area.

For further information or to discuss your organisations needs then please contact me.

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Mummy OT

Today I am being a Mummy OT …… It’s my day at home but I am putting my OT skills to good use!

My son has outgrown his bed and his new mid-sleeper bed is being delivered today. However I wonder if it was wise on my part to put myself under pressure to manage building the new bed today!!

OT skills of problem solving, activity breakdown and spatial awareness will be well utilised today… And hopefully a new masterpiece will be in place for his return home from school!

So wish me luck all fellow OTs and parents!!!

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Why are you an OT?

The new year always brings new plans, dreams and aspirations for personal and work life……many of these thoughts will never come to much but some may be a new passion in your life.

We are lucky if we find a job that we love and have the skills, opportunities and abilities to actually do it!

But why do OTs decide to be OT’s???

I’d love to hear about why OTs at all stages in their OT life decided to take this route….please let me know!!!

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Festive fun!!

Well surprisingly enough it’s a chaotic mix of tinsel, wrapping paper and very over excited children here at the moment!

With two small kids Christmas is truly magical – they’re little faces lighting up at every mention of Santa or sight of a twinkly light!!

Here at EJB Therapy we will be spending the festive time with family and friends but want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for your support.

Smile, love and be Merry!!

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The Magic of Christmas

Its that time of year again when we are ore-occupied with festive preparation. Cards, decorations, presents…….it’s just one long ‘to do’ list!

But let’s not forget that some people are so restricted by their environment that they can’t pop into town to get those gifts, can’t string twinkly lights around the house, can’t get into the post office to buy stamps.

Lack of access to many public spaces is a crime in this day and age where there are usually ways to resolve the problem with a bit of planning!

OT’s are key players in ensuring that buildings and facilities are accessible to people with a wide range of mobility difficulties. So if you know of a business that could use some advice on access ability then point them the way to an OT!!!

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Chaos theory!

Life is generally hectic – with a farm, my own business, a house to maintain, a hubby to keep happy and not to mention my two beautiful (but ever so exhausting) kids to ferry about, hours, minutes and even days seem to fly past in a haze!

But what is life without chaos – boring i imagine!!

But there are always ways to manage the chaos – with an excellent support network of friends and family, no situation is insurmountable!

And its the same in OT – the solution may not be staring you in the face but we as OT’s are skilled in seeing other solutions and acheiving them with our clients.

So if your in chaos an OT may be just what you need!

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Nerves can be good!!

It’s been a busy time here at EJB Therapy with many varied opportunities to use my OT skills. I have noticed though that sometimes my overwhelming nerves and self-doubt can really be a useful source of energy and determination to do a good job.

I recently presented at a conference, a much bigger prospect than anything I have done before and was so nervous I wondered if I’d even remember my own name! As I’m still here, I did survive and received really useful and positive feedback about the presentation.

So sometimes when feeling that it’s just one hill too far use that self doubt to get you over the horizon, you might even enjoy it!!

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Here we come!!

A little reminder that the next Therapy Learning event is on this friday!

Talkshop 2011 is a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues and share ideas…..check out more info on …


Of course I am presenting a workshop so i hope to see you there!

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