Southern Cross concerns

A very worrying time for all the staff, residents and families for all of those people involved with Southern Cross.

For staff the uncertainty of job security, especially in the current financial climate, must be paramount.

But take a moment to think of those who live in, or have loved ones who live in these homes. The prospect of closure, although a last resort, must be a very anxious time. Finding the right care home for your family member is a long, difficult and heart wrenching experience and for those dealing with the worry that the process needs to start again these media stories must be concerning.

The latest information is that front line care staff will not be affected by the cuts and I hope that they are able to stick by this pledge. As I’ve said in my blog before we do not place enough value on the role of carers as it is and to have the role also be made to look insecure would be extremely damaging.

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